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My third Liebster Award!

Hey Inquisitive writers! I got another Liebster Award! I was nominated by Aliz 97 for this award! Check out her blog!


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The Sunshine Blogger Award ☀️!


Hey Inquisitive Writers, I got another award! The Sunshine Blogger Award! I’m so excited to get this award for the first time. The blogger who nominated me was Faded Rogue ~ check out her cool blog! This award is given to bloggers that simply make you smile. Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award ☀️!”

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Hey Inquisitive Travelers! I am back with another travel post on my vacation to Europe. Missed the first post? Check it out here. Continue reading “Serbia. “

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The Blogger Recognition Award!


Hello Inquisitive Writers! The Inquisitive Writer got an award! The blogger recognition award! This is my first time getting this award, and it’s awesome. Continue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award!”

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New Travel Experiences with Europe

Hello Inquisitive Writers! Or, should I say Inquisitive travelers. The reason why I wasn’t blogging for the past weeks is because…  I was on vacation!  Continue reading “New Travel Experiences with Europe”

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What was that?


Part I


She sat there,

eating her delicious mashed potatoes

Not having a care in the world. Continue reading “What was that?”

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The Versatile Blogger Award :) !


Hello Inquisitive bloggers! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first nomination for this award. I was nominated by Mybookylife. Thanks again for another nomination for an award 😄 .

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The Respect Award

Hello Inquisitive bloggers! The Inquisitive Writer got an award! The Respect Award, to be specific. I was nominated by MyBookyLife! Thanks for the nomination 😀.

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Another Round of Washi, More Washi DIY Ideas to Keep You Busy

Hey bloggers! Jo here. So, I have another round of Washi ideas I’d like to share with you all. Missed the first one?  Click here to go to the first editon of washi tape. Continue reading “Another Round of Washi, More Washi DIY Ideas to Keep You Busy”

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Would you live in a Tiny House?

Hey bloggers! Inquisitive Writer here! I haven’t written a post in a while now, and this post will be a tiny house review! As you may know, I have said that I will be showing my custom lego reviews. In case you didn’t know… I am a lego custom builder. I take whatever legos I have, and make something out of my imagination. A few months ago, I built a lego tiny house, and it was pretty fun. Continue reading “Would you live in a Tiny House?”