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Children In, Children Out

“MOM!!! I WANT A PRINCESS PONY!!!” Yeah, it’s summer and you don’t know what to do with your child or children. Should you keep them for the summer, or send them to summer camp?

If they go to summer camp…

– Develop social skills

– Learn new things

– Experience the wild

– Make new friends

– Do fun activities

– They’re off your hands

If you want them to stay…

– They’ll spend more time with you

– Take to them more often

– Know them more

– Do mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, or father-son activities

Well, it depends on your child’s behavior, personality, age, gender, and other things to go to camp. Camp can last two weeks, three months, every second day, but it’s still camp. Your child/children will meet new people probably not from their school so they can interact with different people rather than school friends. Some camps you can sleep at, but most camps don’t last all night. And really the majority of camps don’t allow electronics so the campers don’t spend the whole trip on their phones and iPods. The YMCA is a great camp, for interacting. I went to camp there once over the summer the councilors made us walk barefoot over tick holes. Luckily, I secretly put on sandals. Hope my friends didn’t get ticks…

Well, there’s probably better camps to go to. Before you decide, ask your child first! If your child doesn’t want to go you can’t make them, but it probably means that they love you so much!

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