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Florish above the sky (or my terrace)

These are my plants:

They were so tiny a few months ago! I can still recall what they looked like in July. Tiny little green dots in the soil. 

I love gardening. I always wondered why plants were green. Obviously, because I’m inquisitive. Did Mother Nature just like that color? Maybe not black because it would absorb too much sunlight? Why? 

I live on the third floor in my apartment. That’s quite an advantage because the hot heat of the summer can’t be as hot up here. Also because car exhast can’t be near the plants. I would always choose electric cars over gasoline cars. 🚘 Or bicycles 🚲

I’m having a feeling that the green pot and the red pot are weeds. The red pot was suppose to be strawberries. They certainly don’t look like strawberries. Oh well. At least I planted something 😄


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