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I really love Pinterest and its advantages. This post will show you [the reader] what I like and follow on Pinterest.

Ferri wheel bike

Added by Pete

A bicycle from a different perspective


Posted by Jerrold

Very true quote

Teen post 5354

Pinned by Katie

A classic and relatable teen post

Pink telephone

Pinned by Jessica

Pink vintage telephone

Underwater photography

Posted by Teresa

Underwater photography

Purple vine stairs

Added by Monique

Pretty flower stairs

Wish [no] do [yes]

Pinned by Wayne

And another quote. This quote means that you should do something if you really mean it. Want to quit? You never should’ve started.

More pins to come!


I blog when I'm inspired. Cycling excels driving 🚲. . Snapping photos 📸 and creating lego MOCs are my passions. Donate to any of these special causes I put below.

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