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Struck by Inspiration

Newspaper Art

I was struck by inspiration! My previous post was about clouds and newspapers 😀 . I took those expired coupons and made art! I folded the paper in half, and painted half a heart and my signature. I took a multitude of paint and splattered it across the paper. I made a BIG mess afterwards, and I had to clean it up.

I now have a craving for art and drawings. I have now been drawing airplanes, clothes, and people.

The Dance

The Dance

Ready for School

Ready for School

I am and artist, photographer, drawer, blogger, pinner, Instagrammer, dreamer, do-er, and I’m a human.


I blog when I'm inspired. Cycling excels driving 🚲. . Snapping photos 📸 and creating lego MOCs are my passions. Donate to any of these special causes I put below.

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