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I joined Twitter! Also on the plane

Twitter Logo

Yes, yes , yes! I just joined Twitter about one week ago… before I left for Serbia. I am currently on the plane right now. . .

I joined Twitter because I wanted to discover photographers and give suggestions to companies and brands. I also use Twitter to promote my blog ,too. If you follow my blog, if you have Twitter, feel free to check out my account and give me a like or a follow. 🙂

I took some cool photos of the airplane. I can just say, it is the most gigantic airplane I’ve ever been in. It is a German airplane with a TV, pull-down seats, and I’m using my airplane pillow (last time on my trip to Aruba, I didn’t bring it and I took an uncomfortable nap). Anyways, I am going to take a another nap right now… so tired… well I’ll keep you posted on my trip. Zzzzzzzzzz


I blog when I'm inspired. Cycling excels driving 🚲. . Snapping photos 📸 and creating lego MOCs are my passions. Donate to any of these special causes I put below.

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