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Leave the Phone

Hello WordPress bloggers! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I am actually in the middle of this challenge. Oh, I spilled it, didn’t I?

iPhone is important

I am in the middle of this challenge called #leavethetech . I will try to spread this challenge throughout WordPress. This challenge requires you to leave your phone for a week. I know …..AAAAAHHHHH!! These days, people are ALWAYS on their phones. I want to leave my iPhone for a week. This will be especially hard for me because I do not own a camera (yet again, shocking) and I won’t take any photos. I will get a camera, but I am saving the money for it. I recommend Photojojo and to buy cameras and other photography-related things. Even though I won’t use my phone, I can use my computer. Although I’ll try my best to not use it. Anyways, try to spread the trend! 🙂


I blog when I'm inspired. Cycling excels driving 🚲. . Snapping photos 📸 and creating lego MOCs are my passions. Donate to any of these special causes I put below.

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