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I’m flying??

You are there. . . Sound asleep. . . You start thinking about special things in your life . . . 

     But wait, suddenly you are in front of your apartment (on the sidewalk) and you close your eyes and put your arms on your sides. And now you’re up in the air by about 12 ft! You freak out. Now you realize you must tell no one of this ability. Thank God no one was around to see you, well, it’s a secret between you and me.  

You’re flying above your aprtment building and over others. But then you hover over a light post. You try to mange to stay aloft, since this is your first time doing this. Again, flying to the main building (the clubhouse) and going inside back to your apartment to get sonething. But then…. AHHHHHHH!!!! Little toddlers surrounding you in the clubhouse…about 5 or 6 squished per sq meter. And about 65 sq meters. Rushing up desperately to get to your apartment, you’re suddenly back in bed again. 

This story was insprired by my actual dream I had last night. This was actually the only dream where I actually flew above the ground… I can’t really do whatever I want in my dreams because I just go with the flow of the dream, which I think it ridiculous. 

“Someone told me to follow my dreams, so I went to bed” Teenager Posts


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