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Goodbye Bloggers

I know I didn’t blog in about a month, and it’s because I just don’t have time. I was searching for it, but it seems to like to hide from me. 

I miss blogging, but I just learned how to type correctly a couple days ago, and I type super slow. I would like to blog more, and I always blog everyday in the summertime. I always loved my blogging friends, and I learned to become a better writer. 

I will definitely blog more in the summer and (if I’m lucky) 3-5 times a month (maybe 1 time a week) 

So, farewell blogging community, I’ll definitely miss you, but -as I always say- life goes on. I’ll come back in a summer a lot more, so I won’t leave forever…. 

….well, goodbye blogging friends who have dear to me… Keep calm and blog on 👋✌ 


I blog when I'm inspired. Cycling excels driving 🚲. . Snapping photos 📸 and creating lego MOCs are my passions. Donate to any of these special causes I put below.

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