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My Garden Journal: Entry #1

Hello gardeners and planters! A couple of weeks ago, (thank god it got warmer) I planted some flowers on the terrace.

I will be doing a series of gardening entries over April, May, and June. I planted two types of flowers, as you can see above in the photo collage. 

How to plant flowers (the right way!)

What you’ll need:

– Potting soil

– Flower seeds

– A pot or pots with holes at the bottom (or if it doesn’t put at least an inch of gardening rocks at the bottom)

– Water (depending on how much your plant needs)

– (Optional) gardening gloves and tools -to keep yourself clean

– Newspapers

-Cleared area

1: Ok, so I decided to do this on my tiny terrace outside. Since the flower packages had so many seeds, I chose to place them in 2 pots for each of the packages so they won’t be too crowded together. Place your soil in the pot and (optional) use your gardening hand shovel and gardening gloves to put the soil in. Also make sure your pot is close to your potting soil and put your newspapers under everything because it might get messy. It depends on the depth of where you put your seeds.

2: After placing your seeds apart from each other, cover your seeds with another layer of soil. As I said, depending on how much water your plants need, water them. If you see on the back of your seed package, it says when your plants will begin to sprout. My plants are suppose to sprout in 1-3 weeks.

Planting is a fun activity, and plus it’s healthy for the environment. If you want to use less water, let Mother Nature water your plants instead. You can plant squash to sunflowers, pinapples to potatoes,  and daisies to dondiegos! There’s quite a variety out there! Good luck with your plants!
Hey readers, Inquisitive Writer here. From now on, I will be posting gardening entires, diys, and little summer recipes. I might write stuff from challenges from The Daily Post ,too. Catch ya later! 


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