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Fall to spring ~ a poem

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today, January 16th happens to be my birthday! So I decided to write a poem of fall to spring. Enjoy!


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The Blogger Recognition Award Again (and again)!

Hey Inquisitive writers! I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award three times! Well technically when I was doing this post, someone else nominated me for this award, so I combined it into one post. My first time was here. Feel free to check it out!

I was nominated by wormalblogLiv @ Your Rose Awaits, and Orchids + Sweet Tea. Thank you all for the nomination! But here’s the funny part: womalblog nominated someone who nominated someone else, who nominated Liv, and then Liv nominated me! Also wormal nominated someone who nominated Orchids + Sweet Tea. So I was nominated by three people in the same chain!

Blogger Recognition Award.jpeg

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A Look into My Winter Hobby ~ Crocheting

Hey Inquisitive Writers! I hope everyone had a happy new year! Let 2017 be an exciting year for all. Anyways, as I mentioned in another post a long time ago, I like to crochet hats!

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The Handwriting Tag! 

Hey Inquisitive writers! I got nominated to do The Handwriting Tag. I was nominated by TeenMemoir. Thanks for the nomination!

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The Real Neat Blog Award!


Hey bloggers! I got nominated to do the Real Neat Blog Award! I thank salmaadia for the nomination!

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Tiny House Updates! 

Hey Inquisitive writers! You know how I posted about my tiny house before? Well, I changed it a lot since! Yes, if you don’t know, I love mini stuff. Mini pom-poms, mini erasers, mini chocolate bars, mini everything. And mini houses.


The front side
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The One Lovely Blog Award!

Hey Inquisitive Writers! I got nominated to do the One Lovely Blog Award! I was nominated by Lady Blogger. Thanks for the nomination!


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The Sunshine Blogger Award! (again)

Hey Inquisitive writers! I got nominated to do the Sunshine Blogger Award for the second time! I got nominated by Angelina Kerner ~ thanks for the nomination! You can also see my previous award here.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Fall and Winter?

Hey Inquisitive writers! Today I will be doing a blog collab with Clare! We will be discussing the pros and cons of fall and winter *. We actually like talking about the pros and cons of different things. I will be talking about the pros of Fall and the cons of Winter. Clare will be talking about the cons of Fall and the pros of Winter. We are going to express our personal opinions in these pros and cons. 

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Which WordPress Plan is for You?

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today I will be comparing and contrasting different WordPress plans (as in the free plan, premium plan, etc.) This will help you, the reader, figure out if you plan suits or doesn’t suit you, and what plan to upgrade to if needed.


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