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Which WordPress Plan is for You?

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today I will be comparing and contrasting different WordPress plans (as in the free plan, premium plan, etc.) This will help you, the reader, figure out if you plan suits or doesn’t suit you, and what plan to upgrade to if needed.


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Is technology destroying us?

Hey Inquisitive writers! I am being extra inquisitive today and I’m going to debate on this question: Is technology destroying us?

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Really, humans?

This is not a sponsored post. I just care about the Earth. 



“Oo-oo-ah-ah!”  Which in our monkey language means: Heidi, are you there? Heidi is my best friend monkey, and we like to play a lot together. “Heidi, you still there?” “Ooo-oo-ah!” Ah, there she is.

Heidi and me. 


“Heidi, where were you? I was searching everywhere for you!!” “O-ah-o!” Translation: ” I got lost again. You know how we just moved here.” “I know, but at least hollar to me more often!” “Hey, look at that tree,” she said when she interrupted me. “Hey, yeah, it looks like a good one to climb.” “Come on, let’s go”


Then it happened.

We heard something in the distance, something we couldn’t quite contemplate. It sounded familiar, like something in the distance, but not too far away. It sounded like a screeching noise. But then, I realized what it was.

Our forest is being taken down.




I could feel the screeching sounds digging into my skin, my ears popping, my brain stopping. It felt like the most important sound in the world. Heidi and I went to check out the damage of our forest. As we approached the remains, the animals started to shoo us away from the fallen tree. The animals kind of looked like Heidi and me, though. Heidi motioned me to run away, but I stayed.  I tried to take a long look at what this animals are doing to our forest. This is our forest, not theirs. I felt something I haven’t ever felt before. Not the feeling where Mon (the bully) kept stealing my food and fighting for it, but another one. I planned to attack them.


“OOO-AHHH!!” I was in position, ready to attack, when, just a second before hitting the animal’s face, Heidi jumped in front of me, and fighting with me to get away from the animal. She wrestled me to the ground, (she is a way better fighter than me!) giving me the message to go back to our spot. I’ll never forget that day.


Really, humans?



I wrote this post on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund and Stand for Trees.  I care a lot for the Earth and the animals that live on this planet ,too.  Please visit my Gravatar Page for more websites to donate. Thanks for caring and reading this post to see how a monkey’s life in Asia is like. 



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Where did we come from?

Do you want to know where you came from? Well, you came to the right place.


There are two theories: The “Out of Africa” theory and the “Multi-Regional” theory. Let me explain:

We evolved from early humans, but where did we exactly come from? This is where the theories come from. The “Out of Africa” states that humans came from Africa and migrated to other parts of the world. The “Multi-Regional” theory states that humans migrated in different parts of the world, and migrated all of the regions. I believe the “Out of Africa” theory, because there is more evidence behind it. Although I would love to debate more about it, that’s not we’re talking about right now.

The last Ice Age. That’s right, Earth had four long Ice Ages. The last one came up when modern humans started to appear.


We had but little choice but to follow the big animals that adapted to the freezing cold. As we followed them, we started to migrate. This means that we can only make makeshift shelters and keep track of the animal’s path. We formed bigger clans. Why? To take down the animal and use our advanced stone tools to slather it and eat it for dinner. We would also split it among ourselves, who deserved it. But wait, where did the stone tools come from? And how could we hunt if the days were so short?


The invention of fire just came from rubbing two stone together harshly to create a spark. Fire was used for so many things, cooking the food, seeing at night, warmth, and using the flames to scare off animals. Now, man did not have to rely on the sun’s light and warmth for hunting and gathering. But, really think about it. If it wasn’t for that one moment, one second you maybe didn’t have that lamp next to you. Maybe it would be a torch, but then again, maybe someone else could’ve invented it sooner.

The men usually did the hunting, and the women cared for the children (or something else, I don’t remember completely) but the women noticed that the seeds that stood on ground would become plants next year. They probably took the seeds, and planted them into the ground. Volia!


Many people , ahem early humans, tried farming. Most of them switched to farming rather than hunting and gathering. But there were some costs and benefits to farm. One, you have a permanent home, so it is easier to transmit diseases. Two, if you are so dependent on the plants to eat, what if there’s a drought? Or the weather changes? What then? Three, farming holds a lot of risks for disease, especially from farm animals. But, there are also some benefits. One, you live in the same place all the time, so you don’t really have to move anywhere. Two, you can plant many things and have them all grow at the same time. Three, you can plant a variety of plants, so you get a healthier diet that just eating the same old bunny every time.

I will continue this question for the next post, and explain what happens over the couple thousand years of human history. It’s pretty sweet to know where you came from.

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Is Your Talent Really a Talent?

If you have one talent, whether it’s fishing, drawing, or playing basketball, it needs to be treated correctly. Let me explain:


  For example, I could say that I’m good at drawing (not to brag, but that statement isn’t wrong) , but what makes me good at it? What do I need to have in order to draw? Do I have the time to do it to excel at it? What’s the purpose of doing it?  These are the questions you must ask yourself before you commit to something, private saxophone classes, joining a choir, or joining a soccer team.

What in the world would make me good at drawing? It could be an inborn talent, or taking private classes to get better at it (ok, I’m not the best drawer in the world, but I can draw more than stick figures)

Many hobbies or talents require supplies in order to do that project. For example, to be a photographer, you need to have a camera, or at least a phone with decent quality (like me) With drawing, you must have a crayon, pencil, oil paste, or colored pencil.

Some activities require a lot of commitment. Like joining a hockey team requires time and effort. Do you have the time to complete the never-ending goal?

What’s the point of doing the task? If you want to quit the job, then why did you sign up for it anyways? You need to think long and hard before you risk your time and patience. Ask Do I have any plans during this time? Do I really love doing this? Is this really that important? 

Think about this when you’re choosing to sign up to something. It can really help you.



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Is Popularity that Big of a Deal?

Hey Bloggers! Sorry I wasn’t posting for the last couple days. I am still sick with a virus that will not completely go away!! Anyways, the question of the day is: Is popularity that big of a deal?


Lots of people are insecure and make friends instantly (even if the friends are not friends) . And lots of people also don’t have any friends, and go with the “popular” group to not be alone. But there are also different ways to be popular.

The “middle school” popular. Middle school. Ugh. As I said, insecure girls want to “fit in” , especially new girls. To understand this, the movie Mean Girls fully explains this in high school. It’s hilarious. I just do not understand why people in middle or high school want to be popular. What does “popular” even mean? I mean, will being popular in school help you in the future? No, no it won’t. This is ridiculous.

The “social media” popular, which is the sadest type of popular.  In one of my most recent posts, What will happen if We Stop Using Social Media I explain how social media is destroying us and what would happen if we quit using it. Constantly being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media locks us up in this internet world, by ourselves, in front of the computer. Hoping to get new followers is not the worst thing in the world, but in a sense is not good. Yes, I hope my blog will gain traffic because I cannot express myself like this in the real world, although I wish I could. I ask questions I answer myself, and show the real me. But hoping to get more Instagram just to “look good” is another story.


I wouldn’t want to popular, even if I had a choice. I always ask myself why people want to be popular. I would rather have one or two friends that are trustworthy, mentally strong, loyal, kind, funny, and smart to me than 25 friends who know little about me. Being popular is a joke, just to let you know.

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Why does Beauty matter?


Question of the day: Why does beauty matter?

Beauty is something that is really appreciated these days. But, why? Why do people risk plastic surgery just to look pretty?

Since eyesight is the mostly the human’s strongest sense, we use it a lot and rely on it for many things instead of actually thinking. There are many types of people in this vast world, and many people are insecure or don’t have enough self-confidence. Many people also care so much about what people think, they do plastic surgery, which is harmful. Breast implants can lead to breast cancer and other problems. Surgery on other body parts is very dangerous ,too.

Also: Why do models have to be skinny and beautiful? What? To represent a good image for the brand? In my opinion, this represents a bad image for the brand because they just have to have skinny models just because of their looks. If I had a company for apparel, I would just use regular teenagers for the models, of any size, I seriously don’t care. The point of fashion is to show off the clothes, not give the impression that girls have to be skinny, because we live in a world like that: forced beauty

Some people are forced to be skinny, and some people even think they aren’t skinny enough. Some even go on eating disorders to be skinnier, which is very scary.

We all want people to “approve” our taste and style, so they don’t make us feel like we’re nothing just because of our looks. 1: Those people obviously don’t know anything. 2: They’re also (what I call) indirect bullies. 3: TRY NOT TO LISTEN TO THEM

I believe we are born with a lot of good qualities, and those qualities can be used, or some people can ignore those because of insecurity, innate meanness, and peer pressure. You’re all beautiful people inside and out! Don’t let anyone change that! And don’t change your look just to look more beautiful: you already are!!


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What will Happen if We Stop Using Social Media


WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and on and on and on. . . .

We, as humans, use social media a lot! We may be selfie-consiuous or send a tweet every 5 minutes!! Social media really controls us these days, doesn’t it? But, what if we just stopped using it? Like, no, not even allow to touch your iPhone or Samsung. Ok, now that’s going too far 🙂


I’m just asking: what if we just stopped using it?

We would connect with nature a lot more. Without social media (including messages) most of us humans would have more to do in our free time. We would go out, and actual visit the lake, forest, and mountains. We would have a closer grasp of nature itself, not just when you read about nature, experiencing it is 1,000 times better.

We would talk to people in person. With the advance in technology, people are used to talking to people with messages, emails, and social media. Talking to people in person means getting to know them better. Plus, you can’t make lifetime memories with a person facing the computer.

Without social media taking up free time, we would have more time to do other things. Like taking a bike ride, drawing, and organizing the closet (which are things need to do) would have you discover new talents like riding a bike at 45 mph, drawing a scene from a cute coffee shop, and organizing clothes.

You’d probably be happier. If losing 5 Instagram followers ruins your day or a nasty comment about your glasses is bothering you, this just backs up the reason why social media isn’t all fun and games. People who use social media too much make getting new follows so much of a priority, that if they don’t complete that goal, they end up buying followers or post obsessively to reach the goal. Staying away from social media just makes the problem go away, because there is no cause of the problem.

If obsessively being on social media changes us for the better, then maybe I’ll cancel my Twitter because 1: No one really follows me or likes my posts 2: I don’t really need it. Although social media has many advantages, it can cause many problems also. As someone said, small things can have big impacts.

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Follow #15!

Hey fellow bloggers and readers! I just got my follow #15! This is an exciting point in my blogging career (about 3 months). I’m sure all of you bloggers went to follower 10, then 15, then 30, and on and on. 

I recently made a comment on the Community Pool, and some people replied. But this one person said something different. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi! I enjoyed your blog very much, but I have here some thoughts. You have great writing, but I really wish you could write more. I don’t know if it was your intention, but it does seem more like a photo blog, which kinda confuses with the title The Inquisitive Writer. I love your photos, but I really want to see more of your writing.

The person who wrote that was Luna’s Imagination Igloo

I wrote back that I should write more. She is 100% right. But before my trip to Aruba, barely any people liked, commented, or followed my blog. I would like to have a travel blog, but I don’t travel as much as I would like to. So if I stop writing about Aruba, nobody would like my blog. But, I would like to write about what I want. That comes first. I’m not writing about anything that I don’t like. 

I just want to write, and have people like that and gain traffic on my blog. I know it takes time, but I can’t wait that long. Any advice? 

– The Inquisitive Writer

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I just joined Flipboard!

Flipboard Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Flipboard)

Yeah, I just joined Flipboard. In case you were wondering, Flipboard is a social news magazine. You can follow any topics you want. Nature, social media, bicycles, pretty much anything. Find me on Flipboard as Jo Smith (JoSmith4kn7).

Flipboard is available on the App Store, Windows Store (yay), and Google Play. It free for sign up and download (on the App Store and Windows Store, I’m not sure about Google Play). You can find Flipboard on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Flipboard was created in 2010. You can also connect your Flipboard account to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I started to follow bicycle touring, nature, European travel, space, interior design, luxury lifestyle, DIY, social media, (and of course) WordPress. These are just random topics, right? So it proves Flipboard has quite a variety of topics. I tried to search “Pinterest” but there were no magazines for Pinterest.

Overall, Flipboard so far is a pretty well-thought-out social news magazine. I recommend it to people who want to read what they want, and also be on social media.