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Helping the Earth

Do you shop often? If you answered yes, than you might want to read this.

Shops like Walmart, Stop & Shop, TJMaxx, or other stores have plastic bags that carry your goods. Plastic is very important to our generation. Plastic takes long to break up, actually it could take up to 1,000 years! It’s cheap and durable. We use plastic for playground slides, cups, sunglasses, and more. The bad news is sometimes plastic can get stuck in the ocean and the underwater creatures might think it’s food and swallow it. If not, the plastic bag break apart into millions of pieces and becomes known as “ocean confetti”. The cause of this is the strong sunlight and being torn apart by waves and rocks. Because plastic is so durable, the small bits don’t go away. This can lead to many other problems in the ocean.

Using reusable bags decreases the chance of choking an animal. And plus they come in oodles of styles to match your taste! They usually only cost $1. That’s less than a lottery ticket.



Courtesy of my computer (it’s so hard to take photos on a computer)

I love these bags. I bought the first one at TJMaxx and the second one I discovered in the closet.

    There is really no reason to not get reusable bags. So do your part and help the world a little bit.

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Twitter Logo

Swish! You just tweeted to Tropicana on Twitter that you love their juice. Did I mention Twitter? Yes,Twitter. A microblogging form of social media that many people are on for many different reasons. Twitter is great for a lot of reasons:

– 140 character posts that help you get to the point

– Follow your favorite celebrities and companies to see what they’re up to

– If you have a WordPress blog, then you can connect with Twitter to increase your blog’s popularity

– Great for photography because there are many photography companies, such as Photography Lately (@photolately)

– Catch up on latest trends and news (for example hashtags)

– Create you own profile photo and custom backround to match your photo

– More friendly than Facebook or Instagram

– The sky blue color for the logo really enlightens you

– Now messages have unlimited characters per message

Twitter is an awesome way to express yourself in many tweets. You can share your favorite photos, follow your favorite brands, and so much more. Get Twitter today. It’s waiting for you. Tweet-tweet!

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Water, also known as H20

Drip! Drip! Those are the water droplets you hear outside your window.  Yes, it rains sometimes in NJ depending on the season. In summer, it rains about 1-4 a week. It just rained now, on again, off again. Since I live on a high floor, I can collect rainwater easily with kitchen utensils.

I highly recommend this if you want to save water for your plants. And plus it’s fun!
I just don’t believe in water heading off to the streets. So, you can start using unused kitchen utensils you usually find in the back of the drawer. Soup spoons and mini frying pans are great for saving water. Don’t use small spoon because they will fill up easily and overflow. If you have a terrace that goes beyond the ceiling, then you’re in for luck. Unlike mine, you can effortlessly place jars, glasses, or other containers so the rain can just fall in. If you have a terrace like mine, you have a bit of work to do. Take a soup spoon (or something that “dives in” or “scoops in”) and tape it securely to your balcony with the spoon part hanging on the edge. Use duck tape or orange tape for more security. If you live on the lowest floor, then it’s not so necessary to tape it with duck tape so securely. Try to tape it with regular tape. Remember to tape it right before it rains.

After your container or utensil fills up, take it out and pour it into a water bottle. If the container’s neck is wide (which it should be) don’t attempt to pour it into a water bottle. Pour it into something with a wider neck. Try to take the utensil after it rains. But if it is necessary, pour it in another empty container or water bottle.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as I do! Please share it with others! 😄

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Tab ,too!

Slurp! You just drank the water you have for today. This is how children live in Africa. They live in poverty and no public education. They don’t even have enough food ,too *:(( crying. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Well if you do, you can participate in this wonderful charity that helps those poor kids. It also donates for other charities. You don’t even have to pay a penny. This charity is called Tab for a Cause. Here’s how it works:

Tab for a Cause

You download another browser that you use for free and whenever you open a new tab searching the web, you raise money for the charity. You can even customize your browser and it’s backround. Click on this link to sign up for this awesome cause and to learn more information. This kind of cause doesn’t come so often, so please sign up for it. It’s easy as 1 2 3.

      I learned about this cause by watching a YouTube video by MinuteEarth. Thank you MinuteEarth for showing this opportunity to your viewers. 

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Pick Pocket!

Pocket Logo

Click! You just saved your first website onto Pocket. Why did you get it again, exactly? Here, I’ll remind you:

– You get to register for free

– Sign up doen’t take long

– Save videos and pictures ,too other than websites

– As they say,”Read it for later”

– Read anytime, from any of your devices

– Don’t need wifi to read (oh yeah)

– Install the Pocket button and save anything from the web

– Use it instead of bookmarks

Disadvantages:, sorry there are none that I can spot.

I wasn’t the one writing this blog, some other person would say there’s a disadvantage. But in my opinion, there’s really not. Ok, ok, let me think…………….

They need your email address. But obviously, only send emails (about only 1 or 2)

Get Pocket. You need it more than you think. It’s just a few clicks away.

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Top 10 Best Travel Places

Booking a vacation? Here are the 10 best travel places:

10- Rome


It’s great if you want to walk

9 Bahamas Islands

It’s a vacation everywhere, even if you want to lie down on the beach all day


8- Bora Bora

Although it’s slowly being eroded away, it’s still a great vacation spot

Bora Bora

7- Galway, Ireland

Third largest city in the Republic of Ireland

Galway, Ireland

6- London, England

Yes, I will go to the telephone poll (English Accent)


5- New York City

Known as “The Big Apple”

 New York City

4- Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera Show is there

Sydeny Opera House

3- Paris, France

Very well-known for the Eifel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris

2- Belgrade, Serbia

The capital of Serbia, which is popular


1- Aruba

Best place for all-year summer vacation


Happy travels!

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Children In, Children Out

“MOM!!! I WANT A PRINCESS PONY!!!” Yeah, it’s summer and you don’t know what to do with your child or children. Should you keep them for the summer, or send them to summer camp?

If they go to summer camp…

– Develop social skills

– Learn new things

– Experience the wild

– Make new friends

– Do fun activities

– They’re off your hands

If you want them to stay…

– They’ll spend more time with you

– Take to them more often

– Know them more

– Do mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, or father-son activities

Well, it depends on your child’s behavior, personality, age, gender, and other things to go to camp. Camp can last two weeks, three months, every second day, but it’s still camp. Your child/children will meet new people probably not from their school so they can interact with different people rather than school friends. Some camps you can sleep at, but most camps don’t last all night. And really the majority of camps don’t allow electronics so the campers don’t spend the whole trip on their phones and iPods. The YMCA is a great camp, for interacting. I went to camp there once over the summer the councilors made us walk barefoot over tick holes. Luckily, I secretly put on sandals. Hope my friends didn’t get ticks…

Well, there’s probably better camps to go to. Before you decide, ask your child first! If your child doesn’t want to go you can’t make them, but it probably means that they love you so much!

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Sew What?

Sewing Image

Sewing. You might think it’s boring and hard, but sew what? But just in case, here are the basics:

When you have a hole in fabric or in clothing, and you don’t know how to sew it in, you came to the right place to know the basics.

Sewing Needles

1- Grab the supplies. You would need is a needle with a hole, the same colored thread as the fabric you will sew in. You can buy it at Ac Moore or Wal-Mart

2- The thread can be hard to put through the needle, so put the end of the thread in your mouth and suck on it a little bit and attempt to put it through the hole in the needle. If all else fails, suck on the thread more and focus more carefully

3- After you put the thread though the needle, tie a little knot (or double knot just in case) to keep the thread on the end of the needle hole so it doesn’t fall out when you sew in the clothing

4- Hold the hole shut with your thumb and pointer finger

5- Put the sharp part of the needle through the two parts of the hole

6- Where the needle is, put it through the side it was on to the other side

7- Repeat step 6 until you come to the end

8- If the knot on the needle unties, tie it again more securely

9- When you come to the end, tie a knot at the end with the only strand left

10- Cut the end of the thread you used at the beginning long enough to tie a knot or two

11- Enjoy your new piece of fabric!

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Top 10 Things to do when you’re Bored

Ok, so somehow you managed to get yourself in a postition where you eventually say ,”I’m bored”. Here are the top 10 things you can do:

1: Go shopping 👠 (just don’t spend all of your money!)

2: Make an “I’m bored jar” and put activities to do you when you’re bored

3: Take a walk for some exercise🚶

4: Do some yoga. That’ll calm you down

5: Take the dog for a long walk 🐩

6: Draw something ✏️(or at least try to draw something)

7: Look at family photos/scrapbooks

8: Text some friends. 📱If they don’t reply, that’s their problem 😉

9: Read a book that you enjoy 📚

10: Brainstorm and write a story📝. You may be surprised of what you come up with!

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