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2015 Round-Up


The new year is coming very soon (technically in 2 days but we celebrate tomorrow!)  I cannot wait for the new year. But before we move forward, let’s move back with things I did in 2015:

  • Started a blog in June (you can search my first post “Dangerous Social Media Apps”)


  • Relearned how to ride a bike


  • Saved money and bought a computer


  • Traveled to Aruba


  • Enjoyed my time in Aruba


  • Recently started to do more DIY projects


Here are the things I will try to accomplish in 2016:

  • Chill out/ and stop worrying about stupid things


  • Be more happy


  • I will now post DIY projects I find on Pinterest and try them out. I will also post things about seeing through someone else’s eyes. Also, if you are new to blogging, check out my Newbie Blogging Tips page on the sidebar for awesome advice to get started!


  • Try to cut back on the chocolate and sweets


  • Travel a lot more!!


  • Draw more


  • Focus on my academic career more than anything

Well, these are all my goals for 2016. What will be yours?



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Is Your Talent Really a Talent?

If you have one talent, whether it’s fishing, drawing, or playing basketball, it needs to be treated correctly. Let me explain:


  For example, I could say that I’m good at drawing (not to brag, but that statement isn’t wrong) , but what makes me good at it? What do I need to have in order to draw? Do I have the time to do it to excel at it? What’s the purpose of doing it?  These are the questions you must ask yourself before you commit to something, private saxophone classes, joining a choir, or joining a soccer team.

What in the world would make me good at drawing? It could be an inborn talent, or taking private classes to get better at it (ok, I’m not the best drawer in the world, but I can draw more than stick figures)

Many hobbies or talents require supplies in order to do that project. For example, to be a photographer, you need to have a camera, or at least a phone with decent quality (like me) With drawing, you must have a crayon, pencil, oil paste, or colored pencil.

Some activities require a lot of commitment. Like joining a hockey team requires time and effort. Do you have the time to complete the never-ending goal?

What’s the point of doing the task? If you want to quit the job, then why did you sign up for it anyways? You need to think long and hard before you risk your time and patience. Ask Do I have any plans during this time? Do I really love doing this? Is this really that important? 

Think about this when you’re choosing to sign up to something. It can really help you.



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My Favorite Hobby (you know, with blogging too)

What are your hobbies? What to you love to do? I’ll tell you something a little more about me: I love to draw.


Hello Lips

I really like to mix it up when I draw. I don’t like to draw any particular subject; I draw what I feel. Or maybe I don’t draw what I feel. I draw what I want. Whether it’s bedrooms, eyes, lips, hair, or people, I’m down for it.


This is an example of drawing what I see; a sight in Aruba

Even though I am not the “best” drawer in the world, I don’t think it’s possible to be a “best” drawer. Just like when you say you want to be perfect, you cannot be perfect because the meaning “perfect” is different to everyone else.

Music to my Ears

You can check out more of my drawings on my Pinterest board for  drawings. See you soon!

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The American Electrical System

No filter Morning

Yes! I have done it! You know I said that only lucky photographers can snap that once-in-a-lifetime photo? Well, this is the photo! I snapped this with no filters, with my iPhone 6, in the morning approx. 6 a.m.

I feel like I should get a Nikon camera. I am becoming a photographer with only an iPhone 6 as a camera. I need something just for capturing photos. Anyways, I am going to think about it. I hope I reach my decision!

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Struck by Inspiration

Newspaper Art

I was struck by inspiration! My previous post was about clouds and newspapers 😀 . I took those expired coupons and made art! I folded the paper in half, and painted half a heart and my signature. I took a multitude of paint and splattered it across the paper. I made a BIG mess afterwards, and I had to clean it up.

I now have a craving for art and drawings. I have now been drawing airplanes, clothes, and people.

The Dance

The Dance

Ready for School

Ready for School

I am and artist, photographer, drawer, blogger, pinner, Instagrammer, dreamer, do-er, and I’m a human.

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Clouds and newspapers=Yay! 

   I (and you know already) like to take photos. I also like to imagine things ,too. For example:

That little cloud is beging bullyed by the others (the little one in the middle of the surrounding circle) 


Looks like a tornado forming. 

Or my favorite:

Is that a hand trying to grab me? 

    As a photographer, I need to imagine things to understand them, or make use of them. To make it simpler, I am also an artist (I’ll explain in the next post). I can look at a coupon newspaper and say, Oh, just expired coupons. Or, I could say Wow! New inspiration! I can totally paint, draw, and mark who I am on this plain newspaper See what I mean? If you are a photographer or artist or even a historian, (a little advice) try to look at things and hints in different ways to get a better understanding of them. It helps a lot. 😉

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From an Artist’s Perspective

I’m an abstract artist who does…well abstract art! Abstract means you can give that piece of art any name you want. For example, if you see a blank canvas with a large, red triangle at the bottom and a small, yellow rectangle at the top. What is it? Again, you can’t give it a name. It can be anything someone pictures in their mind.

I have made collages, my M.I.N.I. Arts, and painted on a canvas. You can also see my art board on Pinterest for more of my art projects. My M.I.N.I. Art Projects are art on index cards. M.I.N.I. stands for Miniture Illustrations of Noisy Imprints. That means that the art is mini, they’re illustrations, and by “noisy” I mean it has explosions and meanings and signs, and by “imprints”, I mean prints in the design.

This reminds me of those super colorful yoga pants

 I found the symbol in the center in my eraser. 

I stapled the index card

An erupting volcano. I was mad that day.

Sea shells glued to form an arrow.

Using the very tip of my fingerprints to make this print.

Coloring in the whole card with a multitide of colors, covering it with black paint, and using a coin to make the design!
     I working on a new project that even blew my mind: save pencil and crayon shavings and glue them on paper or a canvas. It would be so colorful! I just love being different in art.