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My third Liebster Award!

Hey Inquisitive writers! I got another Liebster Award! I was nominated by Aliz 97 for this award! Check out her blog!


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The Versatile Blogger Award :) !


Hello Inquisitive bloggers! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first nomination for this award. I was nominated by Mybookylife. Thanks again for another nomination for an award 😄 .

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The Respect Award

Hello Inquisitive bloggers! The Inquisitive Writer got an award! The Respect Award, to be specific. I was nominated by MyBookyLife! Thanks for the nomination 😀.

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Response to another Liebster Award!

Hello Inquisitive Writers! Today I’m responding to a Liebster Award from My Booky Life a.k.a mybookycookylife ! Thanks for the nomination 🙂 Continue reading “Response to another Liebster Award!”

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I Can Predict the Future!


Ok, so I entered in the Future Photo Challenge contest from the Daily Post. I know this is weird that I’m posting on a Tuesday, but you can check out my “How often I post” page to see when I usually blog. You basically take a photo relating on something that will happen in the future. It’s required that you enter one photo, but I took so many spring photos beforehand, I just wanted to incorporate all of them! Continue reading “I Can Predict the Future!”

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We Should Have a Cup of Coffee Together

So, I am taking part in the Weekend Coffee Challenge (all the info. in the link!) and it’s basically about if you could go and have a cup of coffee with all of the viewers of your blog, what would you (all) do.

If I could have a cup of coffee with you all…

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Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

Hey Bloggers! I am going to start giving blogging awards about once per 2 months, and this is my first one. Here are the nominees:




Best photographer: Through Open Lens . He takes awesome bird photos, and has the funniest captions!



Best supporting blogger: Cultivating Time. At once when she saw my blog from the Community Pool, (again, another reason to participate there!) she checked it out frequently and commented on a bunch of posts. She also nominated me for a Liebster Award! (to see it, it’s the post before this one)



Best life-teller (teller of his or her life and deep feelings): Aidyl . She has a life blog, and some of her posts are about her feelings, like “Am I Really a Tea Person?” She also has a cute theme!




Best travel blog:  The Thought Card. When I just started my blog, she liked one of my travel posts and I went to check out her blog, and it is pretty cool. She has also been around the world!




The Rookies: Girl 2 Online She literally just started her blog and she writes about her life. Check out her posts, they’re pretty awesome!

Yves Jean-Gilles. He writes about how to maintain good health. I bet he’ll write more info. about it. Check it out!



Best DIYS: Miss Caly. Her blog is very inviting and posts great DIYs for many good purposes.



Most positive blogger: Saraa. I see in her posts that she want happiness and kindness. She writes about simple things, but in an optimistic way.



Most interesting topics: Stories by Sherry. She writes about very random topics including the time she wrote from a point of view from a porcupine!



Now I have a couple question for all the bloggers who were nominated:

1: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

2: Which element are you most like: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, or Metal?

3: What’s your biggest achievement?

4:  Why did you start blogging?

5: If you could choose one place in the world to go, where would you go?

6: What’s your weirdest dream?

7: What is your #1 talent?

8: Do you have a 6th sense? If you do, what is it?

9: How many numbers can you recall for pi? (hehe, this is a tough one)

10: Do you play a musical instrument? If you do, which one? If you don’t, would you play one, and , which one would you play?

11: How would you describe your clothing style? Casual? Black? Pretty Pink?


Be sure to pingback this post when you answer this questions!




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Response for a Liebster Award

Hey bloggers! I’m back and better than ever! Well, sorta. I’m writing this post for a response to Cultivating Time’s nomination for a Liebster Award.    But also I wanted to mention that my blogging schedule has changed. Go to my blogging schedule to stay updated. Anyways, here are her questions!





1. If you could visit a fictional world from a book or a film, where would you go?

Hmm, hard to say. Maybe I would go into Roald Daul’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I just love the setting and want to see the Oompa Loompas! Roald Daul writes great fantasy books!

2. You have to change your first name, what will you call yourself?

I don’t really feel I should change my first name. I really like it and it suits me.

3. There’s a knock at the door, your heart skips a beat and your stomach is all a quiver – who is at the door?

It really depends if I’m expecting a friend or a package. If not, hide and call 9-1-1.  😉

4.You can spend the day with any man or woman from history, who will you choose and why?

I would probably choose Nikola Tesla because he is such an interesting scientist and achieved so many things and invented so many things.

5. What one question will you definitely ask them?

I would ask them what he [Tesla] thinks about in his mind and ask him what it’s like that long ago.

6. You have to change your hair colour, it has to be one of the colours of the rainbow. What colour will you choose?

Uhhhhh…. tough question. Maybe… ALL THE COLORS. No, just kidding, haha,.. Ok, fine. Red. Next question?

7. Which song represents your personality?

I would’ve said “Hello” by Adele, but no, it’s definitely “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake or “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor.

8. I’m coming for dinner, what’s on the menu?

Probably we would go out to dinner instead of making it [ I’m literally laughing right now ] and go to Outback. And. . . ba-BAM! You can order whatever you want there.

9. What smell do you love?

Pomegranate. Check!

10. You are stranded in a lifeboat in the ocean, like in Life of Pi – which animal will you share your boat with and why? I would probably go with a lion because it’s an apex predator and it can protect me as we become friends.

11. My blog is called Cultivating Time – what quote or saying about time do you like? Time will pass. Will you?

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Check out my “How often I post” Page

I recently made a page about when I post.


I figured last month I’d take a break from blogging, and I will post alerts if I know I won’t blog or take a vacation (another vacation would seem awesome) . I also already have posted my schedule for regular blogging. I’ll post it all on that page. So it won’t kill you to check it out, and plus you’ll know when I post. Also:

I got my 30th follower! The last time I posted about this was when I got my 15th follower. I celebrate when I get 15 more followers and post about it. So I’ll post again about this when I get my 45th follower. Wow! In only about 3 months I gained 15 more followers! I cannot wait to be more popular in my blogging career. If you’re a newcomer to my blog, check it out! You won’t regret it! 🙂