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Zodiac Sign Research

So recently I had to research Zodiac sign stuff for a project I’m doing. In case you didn’t know, Zodiac signs are horoscopes. It is determined on what date and month you were born on. Did you know that the day you were born can determine your personality traits? Cool, right?!

My sign is a Capricorn because my birthday is between Dec. 22- Jan. 19. Find your sign:



A Capricorn is willing to climb any mountain for success, and are very independent (that’s why I don’t like group projects. I like to do all the work myself). A Capricorn is also responsible, patient (not me!)  , resourceful, loyal, and ambitious (I’m a goat!!) Continue reading “Zodiac Sign Research”

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What’s your talent?

Hey bloggers! Today I shall tell you one of my most modest and secret talent: (not just blogging!) custom lego building.

Continue reading “What’s your talent?”

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Check out my “How often I post” Page

I recently made a page about when I post.


I figured last month I’d take a break from blogging, and I will post alerts if I know I won’t blog or take a vacation (another vacation would seem awesome) . I also already have posted my schedule for regular blogging. I’ll post it all on that page. So it won’t kill you to check it out, and plus you’ll know when I post. Also:

I got my 30th follower! The last time I posted about this was when I got my 15th follower. I celebrate when I get 15 more followers and post about it. So I’ll post again about this when I get my 45th follower. Wow! In only about 3 months I gained 15 more followers! I cannot wait to be more popular in my blogging career. If you’re a newcomer to my blog, check it out! You won’t regret it! 🙂

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Goodbye Bloggers

I know I didn’t blog in about a month, and it’s because I just don’t have time. I was searching for it, but it seems to like to hide from me. 

I miss blogging, but I just learned how to type correctly a couple days ago, and I type super slow. I would like to blog more, and I always blog everyday in the summertime. I always loved my blogging friends, and I learned to become a better writer. 

I will definitely blog more in the summer and (if I’m lucky) 3-5 times a month (maybe 1 time a week) 

So, farewell blogging community, I’ll definitely miss you, but -as I always say- life goes on. I’ll come back in a summer a lot more, so I won’t leave forever…. 

….well, goodbye blogging friends who have dear to me… Keep calm and blog on 👋✌ 

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Make an emergency post


Yes folks, I’m telling you to make an emergency post. 

Bloggers, an emergency post is when you write about something extra and save it as a draft. For example, this is an emergency post. This post was probably published about a week or so ago. But seriously, save posts as drafts when you have time. A little birdie told me that when I have time, I should write posts and schedule them to further days. Today, (technically not today) I do have time. So I will write all the posts in the world and schedule them for the future. Trust me, it helps a lot!

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Follow #15!

Hey fellow bloggers and readers! I just got my follow #15! This is an exciting point in my blogging career (about 3 months). I’m sure all of you bloggers went to follower 10, then 15, then 30, and on and on. 

I recently made a comment on the Community Pool, and some people replied. But this one person said something different. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi! I enjoyed your blog very much, but I have here some thoughts. You have great writing, but I really wish you could write more. I don’t know if it was your intention, but it does seem more like a photo blog, which kinda confuses with the title The Inquisitive Writer. I love your photos, but I really want to see more of your writing.

The person who wrote that was Luna’s Imagination Igloo

I wrote back that I should write more. She is 100% right. But before my trip to Aruba, barely any people liked, commented, or followed my blog. I would like to have a travel blog, but I don’t travel as much as I would like to. So if I stop writing about Aruba, nobody would like my blog. But, I would like to write about what I want. That comes first. I’m not writing about anything that I don’t like. 

I just want to write, and have people like that and gain traffic on my blog. I know it takes time, but I can’t wait that long. Any advice? 

– The Inquisitive Writer

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Sneak peek of Aruba

   Hello fellow readers and bloggers! I’m still in Aruba and have 2 more full days. The 3rd day is when I’m going back to my home state: New Jersey. I just woke up and had a decent breakfast. There’s a free breakfast I’m going to ride to (in a shuttle). Why not take advantage?

   This will be a short post because I should be relaxing right now, but I just couldn’t help myself. Also, a shuttle is like a golf cart, but longer and has more seats. After my vacation, I will separate my posts into sections. For ex: Each post about an experience (animals, pools, beaches, downtown, etc) 

More to come!

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Violation of the Virus

I haven’t been blogging for the past couple days. I have a regular stomach virus. I need to be off the computer for a couple days ,too. I’m actually just watching TV. Tennis, actually. I love tennis. I’m in my PJs all day. Getting comfortable.

This is just an average stomach virus. I don’t like viruses or bacteria. Or really any type of sickness. But actually getting sick is a good thing for your body. For example if you have a fever, getting warm means your body is fighting the sickness. If you’re not sick, then your not warm or not vomitting. The good news is, since I’m having this virus now, I won’t have it again. If you have a type of virus one time, you won’t have the same one again.

Since yesterday, I have been drinking Pedialite and it really helps. I only drink about one liter a day. It’s for adults and children. Kids have actually approved the taste! Well, I hope I feel better in the next couple days. Wish me well!

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Tab ,too!

Slurp! You just drank the water you have for today. This is how children live in Africa. They live in poverty and no public education. They don’t even have enough food ,too *:(( crying. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Well if you do, you can participate in this wonderful charity that helps those poor kids. It also donates for other charities. You don’t even have to pay a penny. This charity is called Tab for a Cause. Here’s how it works:

Tab for a Cause

You download another browser that you use for free and whenever you open a new tab searching the web, you raise money for the charity. You can even customize your browser and it’s backround. Click on this link to sign up for this awesome cause and to learn more information. This kind of cause doesn’t come so often, so please sign up for it. It’s easy as 1 2 3.

      I learned about this cause by watching a YouTube video by MinuteEarth. Thank you MinuteEarth for showing this opportunity to your viewers. 

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The Beach Day

Crash! Sploosh! Yeah, it’s the crashing waves of the NJ Beach. I went to the beach yesterday and it was fun.

Those are the crashing waves. Eventually we had to move our stuff due to high tide 😒, but I could still see the waves!

Emergency steps I built in case people have to get up quickly. It actually worked until the hight tide came in. It ruined everything!

This is a cool little ship playground on the beach. It seems really fun to play in.

This is rush hour -the worst hour- when people hurry to get to the beach.

I’m eating lunch when this seagull is stalking me. It might not seem like that in the photo, but after it got closer. Trying to take my food.

I (and my family) literally spent the whole day at the beach. I really got a tan afterwards. Click on this link to see more places I’ve been and more photos of my trip. Whoosh! Crash! Huh, I can still hear the waves.