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What will Happen if We Stop Using Social Media


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We, as humans, use social media a lot! We may be selfie-consiuous or send a tweet every 5 minutes!! Social media really controls us these days, doesn’t it? But, what if we just stopped using it? Like, no, not even allow to touch your iPhone or Samsung. Ok, now that’s going too far 🙂


I’m just asking: what if we just stopped using it?

We would connect with nature a lot more. Without social media (including messages) most of us humans would have more to do in our free time. We would go out, and actual visit the lake, forest, and mountains. We would have a closer grasp of nature itself, not just when you read about nature, experiencing it is 1,000 times better.

We would talk to people in person. With the advance in technology, people are used to talking to people with messages, emails, and social media. Talking to people in person means getting to know them better. Plus, you can’t make lifetime memories with a person facing the computer.

Without social media taking up free time, we would have more time to do other things. Like taking a bike ride, drawing, and organizing the closet (which are things need to do) would have you discover new talents like riding a bike at 45 mph, drawing a scene from a cute coffee shop, and organizing clothes.

You’d probably be happier. If losing 5 Instagram followers ruins your day or a nasty comment about your glasses is bothering you, this just backs up the reason why social media isn’t all fun and games. People who use social media too much make getting new follows so much of a priority, that if they don’t complete that goal, they end up buying followers or post obsessively to reach the goal. Staying away from social media just makes the problem go away, because there is no cause of the problem.

If obsessively being on social media changes us for the better, then maybe I’ll cancel my Twitter because 1: No one really follows me or likes my posts 2: I don’t really need it. Although social media has many advantages, it can cause many problems also. As someone said, small things can have big impacts.

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Leave the Phone

Hello WordPress bloggers! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I am actually in the middle of this challenge. Oh, I spilled it, didn’t I?

iPhone is important

I am in the middle of this challenge called #leavethetech . I will try to spread this challenge throughout WordPress. This challenge requires you to leave your phone for a week. I know …..AAAAAHHHHH!! These days, people are ALWAYS on their phones. I want to leave my iPhone for a week. This will be especially hard for me because I do not own a camera (yet again, shocking) and I won’t take any photos. I will get a camera, but I am saving the money for it. I recommend Photojojo and to buy cameras and other photography-related things. Even though I won’t use my phone, I can use my computer. Although I’ll try my best to not use it. Anyways, try to spread the trend! 🙂

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The American Electrical System

No filter Morning

Yes! I have done it! You know I said that only lucky photographers can snap that once-in-a-lifetime photo? Well, this is the photo! I snapped this with no filters, with my iPhone 6, in the morning approx. 6 a.m.

I feel like I should get a Nikon camera. I am becoming a photographer with only an iPhone 6 as a camera. I need something just for capturing photos. Anyways, I am going to think about it. I hope I reach my decision!

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Photography photos that I love

Photography. It can be a passion, or a love. Many photographers strive for the once-in-a-lifetime-photo. The prize can be given to some lucky photographers.

I really love photography. The name for my blog may not totally go with another name such as The Lucky Photographer. If I had a photography blog, (and if I had time) that would totally be the name. But I use Pinterest and Instagram as my photography sharing tools. You might be wondering why I didn’t put my Instagram profile up on WordPress. I have not put it up for security reasons (no, just kidding :-D) I didn’t put it up because tons of my personal friends are on it and I don’t think they would entirely happy if I permitted access to their personal photos and selfies. And also my Instagram is my personal+photography account. Perhaps I could make another account for photography, but that’s too much work. Really, two accounts? I’m only having one account for one social media. Unless it’s for business. But (little me) I would combine my personal+photography+business account. Then…. blah blah blah blah… blah…

ANYWAYS, back to the post. Here are my favorite Pinterest and Instagam photos

Heart island


Strawberry vintage

Airplane above


One day in bicycle land

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Pinterest Favorites

I really love Pinterest and its advantages. This post will show you [the reader] what I like and follow on Pinterest.

Ferri wheel bike

Added by Pete

A bicycle from a different perspective


Posted by Jerrold

Very true quote

Teen post 5354

Pinned by Katie

A classic and relatable teen post

Pink telephone

Pinned by Jessica

Pink vintage telephone

Underwater photography

Posted by Teresa

Underwater photography

Purple vine stairs

Added by Monique

Pretty flower stairs

Wish [no] do [yes]

Pinned by Wayne

And another quote. This quote means that you should do something if you really mean it. Want to quit? You never should’ve started.

More pins to come!