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My Garden Journal: Entry #1

Hello gardeners and planters! A couple of weeks ago, (thank god it got warmer) I planted some flowers on the terrace.

I will be doing a series of gardening entries over April, May, and June. I planted two types of flowers, as you can see above in the photo collage.  Continue reading “My Garden Journal: Entry #1”

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Florish above the sky (or my terrace)

These are my plants:

They were so tiny a few months ago! I can still recall what they looked like in July. Tiny little green dots in the soil. 

I love gardening. I always wondered why plants were green. Obviously, because I’m inquisitive. Did Mother Nature just like that color? Maybe not black because it would absorb too much sunlight? Why? 

I live on the third floor in my apartment. That’s quite an advantage because the hot heat of the summer can’t be as hot up here. Also because car exhast can’t be near the plants. I would always choose electric cars over gasoline cars. 🚘 Or bicycles 🚲

I’m having a feeling that the green pot and the red pot are weeds. The red pot was suppose to be strawberries. They certainly don’t look like strawberries. Oh well. At least I planted something 😄

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My New Bamboo Plant

I just got this new bamboo plant 2 days ago:

It has 3 stalks. I have to water it until the water is above the rocks (I just can’t believe potted bamboo plants don’t grow on soil!) If you also have a bamboo feng shui plant, put it indoors facing southeast or east. For better luck. I had to do some research and I figured out the quantity of stalks means different things.

2- Love and romance ♥️

3- Happiness😄 (yay!)

4- Don’t take one with 4 stalks and don’t give someone with 4 stalks because it means a death wish. It is seldom used and given in Chinese Culture

5- Good Health

6- Grow, florish, or thrive. Also means great fertility 💵

7- Good health (like with 5 stalks)

8- Wealth and Abundance💵

9- Good Fortune 👍🏽

10- The feeling of being complete. The sender wants you to have everything you wish and yearn

21- Great health, wealth, and blessing to you and and your family

    Bamboo feng shui plants are different and special. I recommend getting one of the plants I listed above ⬆️ (except for the 4 stalk!)

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Chant for Plants!

    Imagine, you’re in your own garden. You are watering your plants and planting new ones. It’s one word: plants. They’re essential to our environment and life on Earth. I love plants because of these reasons:

– Emits oxygen from CO2 (carbon dioxide), which help our planet A LOT

– A lot of plants are edible (mint, basil, strawberries, rosemary, etc.)

– They’re biotic (alive and not for nothing)

– I love their green color

– Watch them grow from step 1 and see the differences between the beginning and end

– With trees you can build a treehouse, put a swing, and pick fruits

– Keeps you busy

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See my gardening board on Pinterest and see my plants and other gardening tips shared by Nadia Noelle

   Gardening is fun. Planting is so great for the Earth and there’s really no disadvantage to it. I encourage you readers and bloggers to try gardening. If you live in the northern USA, then it’s too late for gardening. If you live in Hawaii or Florida or tropical islands, it’s not too late to get your gardening on!