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WordPress vs. Squarespace

Are you a blogger? Well I am, obviously. And since I care about what my blog looks like, I care about which website I use. I like WordPress, but some options are limited.

Some templates cost money. I want my site to look the way want. And I’m not so good with codes. I just download and that’s it. And also I want to change my template anytime with my blog automatically. Unlimited plans cost money. I already used 2% of my storage space (I’m not saying it’s a lot) but I had this blog for about two months. What happens when I have no more storage? I’ll have to pay for the Premium Plan. And I don’t like to pay for things that aren’t so necessary.

I can’t put the widgets I want. I’m on Pinterest and I want to put “Follow” buttons and board widgets on my site, but I can’t because WordPress doesn’t use JavaScript for security reasons.

With Wix, you can have a free plan, but it’s very restricted. With Squarespace, all the plans you have to pay. The lowest plan is $8 a month and still, I don’t want to pay the money. On the other hand, on Wix you drag widgets instead of copying and pasting them. Which, in my opinion, is less work on my back. On Squarespace, I don’t know. And plus on Wix, there’s always ads to join to Maybe they carry viruses. I mean, who knows. So Wix should be definitely a no. But I keep second-guessing myself. But I just wish that WordPress would be more like Wix. The only thing I would want is to drag a Pinterest follow button or board widget to my site with ease. But, you can’t have everything.

For now, I’ll just fly with WordPress. They are write for me.

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Dinner or DIY?

Yeah, it’s a Friday night and you’re with your kids, mate, or family. You’re deciding- go out to dinner, or DIY for the dinner. I’ve been out to dinner a couple a times, give or take a few. Well, here are some excellent restaurants and diners to go to:

– Friday’s, a great diner to go to, especially on Friday. It’s great for families and friends ,too. But, there is a bar suited only for 21 or older in the middle of the diner. It has very cheap kids’ meals. I wouldn’t suggest to go there often (like every third day) because you can get fat very easily if you go there too often. But who goes to a restaurant every day? Am I right or am I right ;-)?

– Outback. Named after the popular desert in Australia, The Outback. One of the best restaurants I have ever went to. Has great kids meals and adult meals ,too.

– The Coach, the most expensive restaurant I have ever went to. Even though it’s pricy, the kids can have the breakfast menu at dinner!

– Red Lobster, again one of the best restaurants I have every went to. I had a window seat, with my family eating lobsters. Oh yeah…

– Hibachi (although every time I go, it makes me want to throw up), it’s a buffet where you choose from fruits, vegetables, meat, Chinese and Japanese food, etc. I’m so sorry, I can’t talk about this buffet or I’m going to throw up. And there’s tables and waiters with water already on the table. How convenient.

DIY, to make dinner @ home.  Most of the time, I like to make dinner at home because it costs less than going to a restaurant. If you don’t have any ideas, do some research online. Or go to Pinterest to look up some cool recipes. Or buy a cook book, to go old school. Plus, cooking with the family can be fun. In my opinion, going out to dinner is normal about once or twice a month. You need to get out sometimes, not always stay in. Enjoy!

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Is Cycling for Me?

What kind of rider are you? A motorcycle, car, van, or a bicycle? I love to ride my bicycle about 3-4 times a week. It’s really fun! Why is cycling better than driving a car?

– No pollution

– Free parking

– No traffic

– Free exercise

– Bicycles come in many different colors to compliment your style

– You just can’t be sad while riding a bicycle, you just can’t

 Why is riding a bike a disadvantage?

– Banned to ride it on the highway

– Sometimes you have to carry a lot and the basket isn’t enough

– Can get too tired depending on the speed and distance

– Too many pedestrians

 Why is it important to know how to ride a bike?

– Not get embarrassed

– Cheer youself up

– Be proud and happy

– You can ride any bike (if it’s your size)

 What are bicycles useful for?

– Riding a short distance

– Ride the Tour De France

– Going shopping (without going overboard)

– Not wasting gas

– Ride BMX

Which bicycle is for me? There are many types of bicycles, tall bikes, fixies, mountain bikes, cruisers, etc. follow a flow chart online.

Happy riding 🚴 !

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Is Santa Real?

 When you were a kid, you probably thought that Santa was real, Well, he still is. Believe it. I’ll tell you the story:

Jingle jingle! The bells on the Christmas tree were shaking. It was my 10th Christmas. I wrote my list and told him that you don’t need to get me anything, blah, blah, blah. I only asked for a phone, but it seemed for him that I spend too much time inside. So, he got me a sled instead! I asked my parents if they got me the present, and they swore they never got it. And plus, my dad is too cheap to buy a sled. And the year before, Santa wrote me a little note with his handwriting which didn’t match my mom’s or dad’s. Also, near Christmas, on Google, there’s a Santa tracker! You can play games that involves Santa, his elves, and his reindeer. And it shows the places of which he has been already and postcards of the places! That proves he’s real. Believe what you want, but it’s true. Why do people still believe Santa isn’t real?

– The kids figure out that the parents get them the gifts

– Orphans don’t get gifts from Santa (which adds to the fact of why you should donate money and to help orphans)

– Adults and teens are grown-up, and just don’t believe in him anymore

– Many people don’t believe, so the more people who don’t believe, the more of a chance he won’t exist! Don’t worry, a lot of people still believe in him

– Many people don’t pay attention to him

– There are many other reasons such as religious, or other reasons

I hope you believe in Santa, because he is real. Believe

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