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2015 Round-Up


The new year is coming very soon (technically in 2 days but we celebrate tomorrow!)  I cannot wait for the new year. But before we move forward, let’s move back with things I did in 2015:

  • Started a blog in June (you can search my first post “Dangerous Social Media Apps”)


  • Relearned how to ride a bike


  • Saved money and bought a computer


  • Traveled to Aruba


  • Enjoyed my time in Aruba


  • Recently started to do more DIY projects


Here are the things I will try to accomplish in 2016:

  • Chill out/ and stop worrying about stupid things


  • Be more happy


  • I will now post DIY projects I find on Pinterest and try them out. I will also post things about seeing through someone else’s eyes. Also, if you are new to blogging, check out my Newbie Blogging Tips page on the sidebar for awesome advice to get started!


  • Try to cut back on the chocolate and sweets


  • Travel a lot more!!


  • Draw more


  • Focus on my academic career more than anything

Well, these are all my goals for 2016. What will be yours?



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Sew What?

Sewing Image

Sewing. You might think it’s boring and hard, but sew what? But just in case, here are the basics:

When you have a hole in fabric or in clothing, and you don’t know how to sew it in, you came to the right place to know the basics.

Sewing Needles

1- Grab the supplies. You would need is a needle with a hole, the same colored thread as the fabric you will sew in. You can buy it at Ac Moore or Wal-Mart

2- The thread can be hard to put through the needle, so put the end of the thread in your mouth and suck on it a little bit and attempt to put it through the hole in the needle. If all else fails, suck on the thread more and focus more carefully

3- After you put the thread though the needle, tie a little knot (or double knot just in case) to keep the thread on the end of the needle hole so it doesn’t fall out when you sew in the clothing

4- Hold the hole shut with your thumb and pointer finger

5- Put the sharp part of the needle through the two parts of the hole

6- Where the needle is, put it through the side it was on to the other side

7- Repeat step 6 until you come to the end

8- If the knot on the needle unties, tie it again more securely

9- When you come to the end, tie a knot at the end with the only strand left

10- Cut the end of the thread you used at the beginning long enough to tie a knot or two

11- Enjoy your new piece of fabric!

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