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Tiny House Updates! 

Hey Inquisitive writers! You know how I posted about my tiny house before? Well, I changed it a lot since! Yes, if you don’t know, I love mini stuff. Mini pom-poms, mini erasers, mini chocolate bars, mini everything. And mini houses.


The front side
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Another Round of Washi, More Washi DIY Ideas to Keep You Busy

Hey bloggers! Jo here. So, I have another round of Washi ideas I’d like to share with you all. Missed the first one?  Click here to go to the first editon of washi tape. Continue reading “Another Round of Washi, More Washi DIY Ideas to Keep You Busy”

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My Garden Journal: Entry #1

Hello gardeners and planters! A couple of weeks ago, (thank god it got warmer) I planted some flowers on the terrace.

I will be doing a series of gardening entries over April, May, and June. I planted two types of flowers, as you can see above in the photo collage.  Continue reading “My Garden Journal: Entry #1”

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6 Ideas on how to Washi Tape Ordinary Items

Hey bloggers! I’m back and I have a treat for you! A diy treat to be more exact. These are 6 ideas on how to washi tape ordinary items.

For all of these projects, make sure to have 

Washi Tape

Scissors ✂️

The item you will washi tape

Cleared area


1: Phone Case

 Ok, say you have a phone case that’s clear  (or embarrassing!) and you want to give it a makeover! If you don’t want to cover your whole phone, just make pretty designs like I did:
Sorry about the bad resolution because I took it from my iPod.

If you want to cover it whole, lay the tape out evenly, and let some extra tape hang iut over the sides (you’ll see how I do this in the next projects)

2: Paperclips

This project is pretty simple. Take about 2″ of washi tape, cut it and cut it in half vertically (depending on its width and how big the paperclip is) . Take one pice piece and wrap it along the top of the paperclip. Make sure both sides line up evenly so you won’t have to do extra cutting. 
3: Chargers

4: Letters 

I’ve seen the letter diys on Pinterest:

I’ve done something very similar to that. Take you tape and put it in a pattern on top of your letter. 

Start cutting the tape from the edges of your letter. If you get stuck in an angled spot, put the scissors on top of the letter and angle them, depending on where the angle is. 

Lift the tape and align it from its edge, and cut it. 

I decided to do only one side. 
5: Bookmark

For all you bookworms out there and love diys, this is a washi tape bookmark. Take two tapes about the same length (the color can be same or different) and tape them against eachother so the part that isn’t sticky is on the outside of the bookmark. For leftover tape that is longer then the other tape, cut it off. 


6: Jar cap


To see how to do this, go to #4
Alright, these are just the basic uses of washi tape and I hope you found them useful! 

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How to Make a DIY Button Tree! 

Hi bloggers and readers! I have a DIY on how to make a button tree. I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out.

Gather your materials. You’ll need:

– About one small honey jar’s worth of colorful buttons

– About 20 green buttons for the grass

– A canvas of any size bigger than 16 x 20 in.

– A small brown paint

– Black or white paint (small)

– Depending on what landscape, use any acrylic colors for the backround

– Different types of green paint for the grass

– A fan brush and a regular small brush

– A small jar with about 1/3 filed with water (but you don’t need a lot of water though!!)

– A pencil

– Brown or leopard-print brown ribbon (optional)

– Elmer’s liquid glue

– Scissors (optional)

1: Place the board portrait-style. Use your pencil and lightly draw a sketch of your tree. Start off with big branches towards the middle of the tree and gradually make smaller branches off of the bigger ones.


 Place your buttons where you want at the end of (or on the sides) of your branches.  Make sure to put a variety of colors on each of the branches.

 Don’t worry if you draw too hard on the canvas; you’ll use brown paint to cover it up later!

2: This step is optional. I decided to be more creative and glue small pieces of ribbon on the tree!! To do this, take your scissors  and cut varying pieces of the ribbons (about 1-3 inches) and glue a couple on the base of the tree

 Use the Elemer’s glue to glue them.  Let dry for about 20 min. Although the next step doesn’t have anything to do with that.

3: Use a wooden (or plastic) board as an area to place medium-sized dots of your different shades of green. Mix some of them with your small brush and use your fan brush to paint your green paint right under your tree trunk. Make sure that the different colors are showing so that there is a variety of colors After the paint dries, glue your green buttons to the grass, making sure that they are evenly-spaced out.



4: Depending on what backround you have, the colors vary. I decided to go simple and paint a daytime backround. I used different shades of blue, and one shade of magenta. When painting a landscape, make sure to not define the “levels” too much or it won’t look real. So, first start out with your small brush and paint on the floor level. As you go up with the colors, blend the colors together and paint some other colors on different levels. When painting in bigger areas, you can use your fan brush. For example, these can be the 4 levels (the less levels, the simpler) can be turquoise, sky blue, magenta, and purple. Try to do a little bit of the sky blue in the turquoise level (if using those colors) and etc. Let dry for about 40 minutes.


5: Use the brown paint to start painting the tree. Use either your black or white paint to mix in with the brown paint. This will make the tree look more interesting, using more than one color. After it drys (about 40 minutes) take the buttons you replaced on the ends of the branches, and glue them.



6: Let the glue on the buttons dry and you  tree will be done! This project took me two days (and that was on a break) and it was an excellent turnout. 


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My Key is a lot more Beautiful

Hello WordPress folks! I’m back here today with step-by-step instructions on how to DIY your key!

   You always return to your house with your same housekey EVERY SINGLE TIME. You ponder and ponder on what to do about it. Ding! A brilliant idea comes to your mind. Why not customize your own housekey? 

1: Today I actually had the time to DIY my housekey and make it all pretty. Ok first:

Get out all your necessary supplies you’ll need for the making. The supplies you’ll need are

– Acrylic paint (colors of your choice)

– A small key you own

– Paintbrush (I highly suggest a fanbrush if you’re painting the entire top of your key and a skinny-tipped brush for polka dots)

– A newspaper for catching all the paint that falls off your key

2:  If you are going to use water (which can get a little bit messy) , then use a little jar and fill it about 1/8 with clean water. The water will be used for wetting the brush(s) before the project and during it.


3: Do not use a lot of paint for this project. Only use a single dot to paint. Remember, you’re painting a key, not a portrait.

4: Remember to wrap tape (clear or not clear) around the key where it’s used for putting in the keyhole for the door. This is crucial because if you paint that part, your key is highly not to work.

Dip your paintbrush in the water (if you choose to use water for this project) or dip your paintbrush into the paint and lightly graze the first side of your key. Don’t use too much water because the paint won’t dry fast on the key’s surface. Now let that area dry for about a minute, and flip to the other side and do the same instructions.

5: If you’re doing more than just one coat of paint, (which is better if you’re a complex person) then follow instruction 4 again (except for the “wrap the key” part) When you’re finished with that, wait about 15 minutes for your project to completely dry, then put it back on your key chain.

Well, this is my turnout for my DIY Key painting project.

I don’t know about you, but I seriously love it. Hope you like your turnout!